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Payment transactions

If you need to provide some payment information confidentially and share it with only few employees, we provide payment transactions on the basis of your contracted orders.

Ensuring payments of your employees´ payrolls
The most common example of ensuring payments sees that wages are distributed due to internal secrecy of wage levels in your firm. You send us the total amount of money that we then distribute according to your payment order to individual accounts.

Ensuring the payment of your obligations
Another way to ensure payment sees to payment of your invoices, again according to your payment order. If we also do accounting for you, we can be responsible for optimizing expenditure cash-flow by monitoring your payables and their payment on the maturity date.

As another option we offer to process your payment orders in the data format. Based on the passive approach to the account we will upload the electronic payment order to the bank software and you will subsequently authorize this payment order.