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We provide comprehensive services in accounting and tax records, e.g. processing your monthly statements, annual financial statements and all tax returns.

We base our services in the field of accounting on a professional and individual approach to you. We value two-way continuity and reliability in the transmission of information as to documents between you and us.

As a foreign client, you can have your accounting conducted in English and German, including selected financial outcomes.

The aim of our services is the quality and an immediate response to your requests and a feedback from you.

An important trend in bookkeeping is on-line accounting in which both you and our company have an access to the accounting system via secure terminal servers. This method of accounting provides you with current accounting outputs. You have immediate insight as to your company economy, individual contracts, and the status of outstanding receivables and payables. The accounting system can directly generate electronic orders that are automatically loaded into the banking system. The on-line access to the accounting brings strong synergies in the area of your company’s economic management.

To serve you as to bookkeeping, we:

  • use double-entry bookkeeping and maintain tax records in a professional accounting program
  • keep account of primary documents and check already taken records
  • do bookkeeping in a classification by centers or orders as per your requirements
  • compile monthly statements; you can monitor the condition of property and interim financial results
  • compile annual financial statements, including all statutory statements
  • prepare tax and statistical reports according to Czech laws and regulations
  • prepare other reports as per your requirements
  • represent you in the case of checks by the Financial Office, social security or a health insurance company, as well as communicating with said offices
  • prepare all tax returns – personal income tax, corporate income tax, VAT returns, road tax, property tax, property transfer tax, gift tax, etc.
  • provide information about the dates and amounts of tax obligations (e.g., payment of income tax advances, road tax advances)
  • monitor and send reminders to your debtors