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Billing services

We promptly process your invoices as per the documentation you provide to us, distributing them via classical and electronic mail. Outsourcing of invoicing helps to improve your cash-flow. Invoicing will never be dependent on the internal biller, and your cash-flow will not be compromised due to internal risk factors.

We provide invoice processing services to you in a connection with accounting or completely independently.

You will send documentation for billing to us as we have agreed. It is up to us to process invoices properly and send them to your customers. We can manage data processing for billing within 2-7 calendar days, depending on the complexity of your requirements. We will send your invoices by regular mail, email or by combined form. Formatting the appearance of invoices depends only on your specifications.

We also prepare invoices in a data format, so that they can be imported into an accounting system. This greatly saves work in the accounting department, especially if it involves a large number of invoices.